The Nawf Shore Tee

 photo NawfShoreLookBook4-1_zpsvc1tqjcz.jpg Nawf Shore Profile and Back photo NawfShoreLookBook4-2_zpsnnd4s7cx.jpg  photo NawfShoreLookBook4-3_zpsd9vilywi.jpgNawf Shore FIshing photo NawfShoreLookBook4-4_zpss2ewaeaq.jpgNawf Shore Rock Throw photo NawfShoreLookBook4-5_zpsqem2nryn.jpg Naw Shore Gaze photo NawfShoreLookBook4-6_zpspixvssyx.jpg

A tribute to the North Shore of Bermuda and the colloquial language used there. The Nawf Shore tee is a semi-fitted white tee on 100% preshrunk jersey knit cotton.

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The Art Director Sweater

Art intro photo ArtLookbookFinal-1_zps0mmfaoji.jpg Art looks 1 and 2 photo ArtLookbookFinal-2_zpsw7qdagm3.jpg Art look 3 photo ArtLookbookFinal-3_zps9fnryc8f.jpg

Art directors are the kind of people who walk the line between visual creativity and business practicality. They have to be creative and strategic at the same time. This relaxed fitting sweater is conservative enough to wear at the office, but the embroidered 'Art' embelishment gives it the edge to look great on the street.

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